Principal's Awards - Semester One

One of the most important contributing factors to enhancing students' academic growth and achievement is motivating them to want to do well and believe they can do well. In order for most students to achieve great success in school, the students must be motivated to do well and to believe in themselves. Belief in one's own ability can lead to many accomplishments great and small; it can push a struggling student to persevere or a gifted student to overcome a new challenge.

The Victor Harbor High School Site Improvement Plan describes a focus on high achieving students to continue to strive for improvement. The teachers have been asked to facilitate learning that builds improvement for all learners with a sharper focus on engaging our “top” learners. Recently, Mr Bennett (Assistant Principal) and I invited the top 15% of students (40 in total) in years 8 and 9 to have lunch with us where I presented them with a Principal’s Award which acknowledged their high level academic accomplishments. These students consistently display outstanding learning skills, capabilities and character including determination, persistence, punctuality, motivation, initiative, problem solving, goal orientation and organisation.

The teachers, ancillary staff and I are very proud of their achievements (some of which have extended beyond pure academics) and we look forward to the group expanding next semester. I cannot wait to see what academic greatness the year 8 and 9 students will accomplish in second semester.

Amanda O’Shea, Principal VHHS