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September 2019

Welcome to the Governing Council News post. This link will provide regular updates on items discussed at meetings.

  • The Governing Council have recently discussed the name of the Disability Unit at school. Some people have expressed that a more inclusive approach would be “Supported Learning Centre” which describes the services being delivered. The thoughts and opinions of the school community are welcomed. If you would like to contribute to the discussion, please email the Governing Council at

  • At the meeting on 4 September the Community Member from Fleurieu Families provided an update on their services and the complexities of the family units which they support. The Governing Council look forward to hearing on the development of support sessions for families to be delivered next term.

  • “A Different Kind of Brilliance” is a parent and carer conference to be held on Wednesday 25 September discussing Disability Policy and Programs at the Hilton Adelaide, further details can be found at or by calling (08) 8235 2871.

  • The Governing Council meet twice a term to discuss matters relating to the school and well-being of the students. There are presentations from teachers, discussions relating to the daily running of the school and reports from the Principal, Amanda O’Shea along with the Community Members, such as Fleurieu Families and the Victor Harbor Council.  If parents are interested to attend a meeting or join the Governing Council, they are very welcome to complete a nomination form or contact the Secretary through the email address provided below.

  • Keep up to date with school news through the School Stream app, Website, Facebook page and Daymap.

be involved

Victor Harbor High School encourages participation by families in the school’s decision making processes. Our Governing Council is an example of strengthening the partnership between families and the school working together to improve the learning outcomes of all students.

We need your support. Please consider volunteering your time to be a part of our school Governing Council.

Involvement in the Governing Council includes the opportunity to serve on various Task Groups. It is the forum where parent, staff, student and community representatives provide support and direction for a range of school activities, including finance, grounds and facilities, uniform and the canteen. 

To find out more and express your interest, click here for a nomination form and please contact the school by phone on 8551 1900 or email


2019/2020 Council Members:



Meetings for Governing Council are held twice a Term (Week 3 & Week 7) on Wednesday evenings, 6:45pm to 8.30pm.

Term 1 - Feb 13 & March 13 (AGM)

Term 2 - May 15 & June 12

Term 3 - Aug 7 & Sept 4

Term 4 - Oct 30 & Nov 27