Harmony Day Experiences

Thank you to everyone who supported our Harmony Day event last week.

Those who attended enjoyed tasting food, creating works of craft and listening to music. There were many different foods representing different countries of origin and Cedric provided his expertise in the fine craft of weaving.

Aboriginal Education students shared part of their culture through food - kangaroo steak and sausage samples.

 International Education Students were busy cooking a cultural food safari sharing samples from their home country with other students. The line ups were long and there were some coming back from seconds! Cultural Tastings included; Potato Pancakes with apple sauce from Germany, Potato salad and meatballs from Germany, delicious Tiramisu from Italy, Sushi from Japan, Dumplings from Luxembourg and Sauerkraut from Poland! 

Thank-you to our International Students for sharing your culture through food.

Harmony Day IES students.JPG
Harmony Day weaving.JPG
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harmony day food.jpg