Welcome new International Students!

Victor Harbor High School warmly welcomes 7 new International Exchange Students this Term! They were so eager to immerse themselves in Victor Harbor life that they all braved the ocean for a surf last night!

Welcome (pictured from left to right):
Noemi - Germany
Lilli - Germany
Silvia - Italy
Bente - Germany
Carinna - returning student from Germany
Greta - Germany
Finja - Germany
Johannes - started last Term from Germany
Sarah - Germany (not pictured)

If you see any of these students around the school yard or at local sporting and/or community events, please make them feel welcome!

We are also seeking hosts for short stay Indonesian students from September 10-18. If you would like to host a student from our Sister School in Indonesia for 8 days, please contact angie.prime913@schools.sa.edu.au

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