Specialist Arts Focus Pathway

This pathway is suitable for students who have a special interest or passion in Music, Drama or Visual Arts / Design.

All students in this pathway have the same opportunities as other students to experience the full range of subjects, while having the additional support and encouragement from an Arts Trained Mentor Teacher.

The program includes:

  • Opportunities to study the Arts Subject/s as a continuum throughout the high school years

  • Personalised connections with Speciality Teachers and Community Mentors

  • Peer tutoring in the Arts Subjects with senior students

  • Integrated learning across the Arts Subjects

  • Additional Arts excursions


Students with a Music Focus can enrol in Instrumental Music lessons and choose from Percussion:  Drums or Guitar; Woodwind: Flute, Saxophone or Clarinet; or Brass: Trumpet or Trombone. Instrumental lessons are available free of charge on the school ground during school time. Instruments can be hired from the school for a small charge. All instrumental teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Instrumental Music students participate in one of the many school bands. 


Students with a Drama Focus can expect to be involved in Peer Tutoring Opportunities to develop skills, understanding, and general communication plus audience skills.  There are opportunities  to be involved in the School Musical and other public performances. 
Personalised connections with Speciality Drama Teachers will allow a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Drama including: backstage, script writing, directing, acting, makeup and wardrobe and sets. 


Students with a Visual Arts / Design focus will become involved in Special Arts Projects such as school murals. Peer Tutoring opportunities give students an understanding of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the field. Personalised connections with Speciality Art / Design Teachers and Community Mentors allows for authentic learning experiences. 


Click here to download an expression of interest form which you can complete and return to us. You will be notified of the subsequent phase of selection, including an interview, portfolio or audition. 

Click here to download an expression of interest form for music lessons.

For further information, please contact Specialist Arts School Leader on
8551 1900 or email dl.0799.info@schools.sa.edu.au