Negotiated Education Plan:

All students have a Negotiated Education Plan that is updated and reviewed at least once a year.

This plan documents curriculum priorities for students, including planning for significant transitions from Middle School to Senior School and from Senior School to post school options in an adult world.


At Middle schooling (Years 8/9), all students work under the Australian Curriculum Framework and emphasis is placed upon General Capabilities for curriculum development and delivery.

In the Senior years (10/11/12), students enrol and undertake study in the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

All SACE topics delivered at Stage One and Stage Two are modified and as such, may be personalised to accommodate individual student needs and goals.

Topics /Subjects delivered include:

  • English / literacy
  • Mathematics/ Numeracy
  • Science
  • History / Geography
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts
  • Technology and Design
  • Life Skills (incorporating Health and integrated topics from above)

Work Experience / Transitions

Senior students are provided opportunities to gain work experience and / or day options. The site has positive and strong relationships with service providers and day option providers in the South Coast region.

Behaviour and Student well-being

Student well-being is a priority at this school and our students engage in activities and experiences designed to improve student well-being, including resilience, development of a positive mind set and emotional intelligence.

Our students are also able to access the ‘Doc on Campus program’ and during the year, we implemented a sexual health and well-being program.

Behaviour programs under pin student learning and as appropriate, staff adopt a non-aversive, positive behaviour management strategies as advocated by Gary LaVigna (PhD)

Inclusion / Community Access

Our students are valued members of the school community and this is reflected in student participation in whole school events such as assemblies, sports day, presentation evenings and through student membership in the site’s Student Voice’ program.

 Where negotiated, students are able to access mainstream classes such as art, physical education, drama and home economics.

A variety of experiences and activities are planned and implemented in a community setting such as swimming, horse riding, tree planting, shopping and engagement in local events during school time.

Additional Supports

Our students enjoy the support of Riding for the Disabled, as well as services form other agencies such as Novita Children’s services, Disability Services , Autism SA, Down syndrome Association of SA , Finding Workable Solutions and other agency supports as required.

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is being rolled out, we anticipate the involvement of other agencies as required and negotiated.