Congratulations SACE Students 2017




Victor Harbor High School is pleased with the SACE results earned by the Class of 2017. The school’s motto AD OPTIMA – “to seek the best” along with perseverance and integrity two of the school’s four values have been demonstrated in many of the results.

Compared with results from the previous 5 years, the 2017 graduating class is responsible for a SACE completion rate of 95% again climbing more than 14% compared to recent years. A first has been achieved within the Disability Unit with a 100% Modified SACE completion rate. Jess Bhatia, Senior Leader, Special Education Sub School said, “this is an excellent example of tenacity, high standards and rigor by both teaching staff and students.”

Individual acknowledgments go to the following students who scored an ATAR in the 90s;

• Amber Whalland-Stedman 93.45

• Genevieve Guidi 92.25

• Tenayah Norman 91.20

• Bethany Overall 90.05

Following this group of individuals were many students with ATARs in the 80s which will serve them well when aspiring to university courses.

The 2016 Valedictorian Kira Adams reminded us in her address at Presentation Night “……. that your ATAR no way defines you ……. just remember that there are so many ways to be accepted into a Uni Course or follow a career path if it’s what you really want and you’re willing to work for it.”

SACE completion and successful performance in Flinders University Assessment Centre activities, which also included an applicant statement, school assessment, overall performance at Year 11/12 studies, and achievement in other aspects of life and other studies, where relevant, has meant SACE completers, Maddie Turley and Thomas Goodier have achieved a guaranteed Bachelor of Science admission to Flinders University.

For the few students who may not have received the results hoped for, there are still doors open at Victor Harbor High School including re-enrolling for a thirteenth year or enrolment in the school’s Flexible Learning Program. If you are interested in this option, please contact Ms. Lindsey Cowper after January 2nd, 2018.

Whilst students themselves and family contribute to student success we also know effective teaching is also a great influence. Amanda O’Shea, Principal said “Year 12 subject teachers are to be congratulated for their efforts, particularly those subject teachers who have surpassed the school’s improvement target for the A grade band. It is very pleasing to note we are shifting the bell curve towards the A and B grade bands.”

“A special thank you and congratulations to families for their ongoing encouragement and nurturing of students and support for the school. The great majority of the Class of 2017 are now well positioned to move forward into a career path of their choice” said Phil Boyle, Stage 2 Sub School Leader.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 on your diligence, and commitment throughout the year. We wish you, our newest Old Scholars, the very best for a bright future ahead.