Middle School

Intensive Learning Program 2019

Students at Victor Harbor High School will be involved in a new education initiative over the semester change in Term 2. During week 8 and 9 (17 to 28 June 2019), students in year 8 – 11 will participate in an intensive learning program that replaces their usual learning program. We look forward to working with the students over this exciting new approach in their education journey.

Year 8 and Year 9 Innovation program

The 2019 Innovation two-week intensive for all year 8 and 9 students is designed to replicate the workplace environment with no bells, no fixed break times, working in areas of strength, and seeking support from experts when needed. Students will be guided through a process of ‘Design Thinking’ to find and solve problems related to our central theme – The Moon Race

Students will discover, define and produce potential solutions and build or make prototypes to problems from 4 categories:

  • Manufacturing – build the first artefact made of lunar resources

  • Energy – survive the lunar night

  • Resources – fill the first bottle of Moon water

  • Biology – sustain the first lunar greenhouse

“50 years ago, humankind set foot on the Moon. Today, the world is planning to return…for good.” Let the race begin!

Year 8 and Year 9 Literacy & Numeracy Support – support for identified students

Students in year 8 and 9 are expected to achieve at least a C level of achievement in order to be prepared for their next stage of their learning. Students who have not yet achieved this at the end of Semester 1 will be supported during the two-week intensive to access intervention support in both English and Mathematics. In addition, any students who have been identified and are presently receiving extra support in literacy and numeracy will continue to receive this support throughout the two weeks.

Year 8 & 9 Sub School Leaders:

Ms Angie Prime

Mrs Jude Boyle

Mr Ian Milne

8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D, 9E, 9F

click here for the Year 9 Curriculum Handbook

We offer a leading-edge learning program designed for young adolescents in a purpose-built Middle School.  To encourage a successful transition to Secondary School we implement Middle Schooling methodology in Years 8 and 9 that caters for the specific needs of young adolescents.

Our curriculum provides the skills, knowledge and experiences that enable students to make choices and plan appropriate pathways into thesenior school, tertiary study and vocational options.  Central to our successful Middle School is the commitment to establishing positive relationships with parents and the involvement of students.

We are proud to offer the personalised learning of a small school with the curriculum richness of a larger school, with areas including Technology, The Arts, Indonesian, Health and Personal Development, Language, Vocational Learning and Personal Learning.

We also offer two specialist programs that students can express interest in joining – a Specialist Sport (AFL) Pathway and a Specialist Arts Focus Pathway, including Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Design.

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