Newsletter Term 2 2017 - Issue 5


Principal's Message

Staff Update

This term we have welcomed Ms Jen Leske (back) to the Leadership team. Ms Leske has replaced Jen Vonic-Joyce as the FLO Sub School Leader and brings with her credible and strong knowledge and experience in social work, attendance and of course teaching and learning. We are looking forward to the FLO team building on its successful reputation.

The successful applicant for the Middle School Sub School vacancy is Mr Brad Haskett. Mr Haskett will join Mr Paul Loughhead to lead a team of teachers and Year 8 and 9 students through these important years at school. Mr Haskett brings with him a strong background in special education leadership which will address the growing numbers of learners we are now seeing with learning difficulties. Mr Haskett will also provide leadership and support to International Education and the Language Learning Area. I would like to thank Mr Chris Hayward for his stewardship in Term 1 and lucky for us and many of our English students we retain him as a highly effective and well respected member of the staff.


There really is little progress to report other than costings are still being deliberated as engineers, architects and project officers work diligently on our project (& other sites). When the concept is ready for sign-off the Governing Council and other stakeholders most affected by the change will be briefed and consulted. Building commencement has now been scheduled to start in November as opposed to June as formally stated. 

Concerns Process

The Leadership Executive team with me really appreciate parents and students letting us know about issues causing concerns. When we know and then can seek understanding we are in a much better position to work in partnership to reach a resolution. We really respect and appreciate parents and students who let us know promptly what is concerning them. A big THANK YOU to those of you who have used our Concerns Process to address issues and concerns.

Assessment & Reporting – feedback being sought

The Governing Council gave us feedback on this topic at the Week 3 meeting and in Week 5, the Leadership Executive team is meeting with a group of invited parents to further discuss assessment and reporting at Victor Harbor High. If you would like to contribute feedback on any aspect of assessment or reports please click here to email Adrienne Conley, Deputy Principal.

Governing Council – Policy Reviews 2017

This year the 2 policies being reviewed include The Student Success Policy and the Uniform Policy. If you have feedback you would like to offer on these 2 policies please contact Vicki Foster on 8551 1900 and she can direct you to a member of Governing Council. Alternatively, email the school via the school website with a subject line Policy Review.

Warm Wishes

Ms Amanda O'Shea

Students celebrate IDAHOBIT

A group of Students at Victor Harbor High School have formed a committee to recognise IDAHOBIT - the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, with celebrations taking place across the world.

Since 2005, May 17th has been dedicated to IDAHOBIT, marking the day in 1990 when the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. May 17 is now celebrated in more than 120 countries, and draws attention to the violence and discrimination that LGBTIQ communities continue to experience around the world and the laws that exist in places like Australia to protect them.

The IDAHOBIT committee, led by Year 12 Society and Culture Students and supported by teachers have worked hard to produce an informative, student run presentation via DVD across all mentor classes. The DVD explains IDAHOBIT Day, including laws and the importance of celebrating diversity within the school community.

Students organised a 'pledge' activity which allowed their peers to voice their support for the LGBT+ community leaving messages such as ‘I stand for equality; it’s the law’, ‘Homophobia is not okay’ and ‘We support LBGBTQI+ students’.

On May 23rd, VHHS will host an interactive workshop run by ActNow Theatre, a company creating youth lead, socially conscious interactive theatre where students are asked to step in and problem solve real-life social situations in front of their peers. Click here for more information.

VHHS Assistant Principal: Intervention and Support, Lindsey Cowper said VHHS values equity and IDAHOBIT day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate our views around inclusion and acceptance.

Ms Cowper said: “We work hard to support all our students regardless of their identity and work equally hard to educate and inform all of our students about the importance of taking an active stand against discrimination.”
“For me, the colour and excitement that the event has brought with it, as well as the pledges made in support of IDAHOBIT have been the greatest positive of the day. Staff and Students alike have shown their support in a range of ways that will be very memorable. The students who have organised these celebrations also included an activity that all students took part in during their Mentoring Class to raise awareness of the importance of supporting our LGBT community. I think and hope that VHHS will make IDAHOBIT Day celebration a part of our calendar every year.”
VHHS Year 12 student Karma: “It was heart-warming to see all the support from our school community. And, to be able to undertake the project as part of a Year 12 task is a bonus!”

Golf Championship Success

Year 10 student Kyle H has continued to have success in golf. Recently, he represented South Australia at the Junior National Golf Teams Championships held at Riverside Oaks, NSW. He won four of his matches, drew two and only lost one game. Kyle played a major part in helping SA finish 5th.

At his Adelaide Club Kooyonga, Kyle won the Kooyonga Cup with scores of 73 and 72.

Last week Kyle was successful in winning the Secondary School Sport SA (SSSSA) Golf U17 Individual Championships at The Grange Golf Club. He shot scores of 75 and 72.

On Sunday he played in The Simpson Cup (top level state Matchplay) representing Kooyonga at Blackwood. Kyle won his match 9 and 7.

His current GA handicap is 1.1.

Congratulations on your success Kyle!

Joel Tucker

Building for the Future

Victor Harbor High School recognises there is a local and national shortage of trainees in all construction trades and we currently provide two certificate 1 courses for students to gain manufacturing/building industry approved training.

Certificate 1 – Furnishing.

Completed within the normal school timetable. Offers pathways for students in manufacturing - shop fitting, floor covering, cabinet making, tiling, upholstery, furniture construction/ polishing, glazing, kitchen manufacture and other similar related industries.

Certificate 1 – General Construction / Doorways 2 Construction

This is our third year offering a full certificate 1 in general construction, supported by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). This qualification is recognised nationally and gives trainees a real step up to a career in the building industry. Pathways for previous successful trainees have included many in full time employment as apprentices and others accessing further training while remaining at school.

Our training is Wednesdays (starting at 9.40 and ending at 3.15) and to experience a real worksite, we have separate breaks to everyday school and try to simulate real work conditions. Projects covered include carpentry, bricklaying, concreting, scaffolding, plasterboard, tiling, retaining walls and paving. Trainees complete their White Card (allows access to a building site), Asbestos Awareness Training, Kesab (tidy worksite), 3 weeks of work placement and within the course work through a variety of industry related theory topics. This year most projects will be on the school site, with the possibility of completing community type projects in future. Successful trainees at this level can then apply to complete the Doorways Plus Program offered in 2018 as a Stage 2 subject accessing their specific area of interest, electrical, plumbing etc. possibly at other training facilities on the Fleurieu.

Thank you to the following for their financial support of our Doorways 2 Construction program:

  • Bailey Homes
  • Victor Landscape Supplies
  • Timco Mitre 10
  • Boral
  • Victor Tyre Power
  • Totally Work Wear
  • Victor Harbor/Port Elliot Lions Club

For any questions or further information on our Doorways 2 Construction program please click here to email Grant Trueman

Grant Trueman
Teacher: Doorways 2 Construction

Thank you to our Volunteers!

During National Volunteer Week, our school said 'thank you' to our amazing volunteers by hosting a celebratory morning tea.

Our school is fortunate to have such a supportive and generous group of volunteers who help in many areas of the school. Over 20 volunteers assist VHHS in the following areas: Governing Council, Research Centre, Student Services, Flexible Learning Options, Sports Day, Aboriginal Education, School Sports (Sailing, Volleyball & Surfing), Student Support and more.

Governing Council 2017

We need your support

Our volunteers help in so many ways – please consider volunteering your time to be a part of our school Governing Council.

Victor Harbor High School encourages participation by families in the school’s decision making processes. Our Governing Council is an example of strengthening the partnership between families and the school working together to improve the learning outcomes of all students.

Involvement in the Governing Council includes the opportunity to serve on various Task Groups. It is the forum where parent, staff, student and community representatives provide support and direction for a range of school activities, including finance, grounds and facilities, uniform and the canteen. 

Meetings for Governing Council are held twice a Term on Wednesday evenings, 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

To find out more and express your interest, please contact the school on 8551 1900 or email

VHHS students present at Cittaslow International General Assembly

A group of Victor Harbor High School Year 9 students presented their innovative approach to upcycling waste and promoting local produce at the 10th Cittaslow International General Assembly in Goolwa on Thursday 11th May.

The students worked on the yearlong collaborative community project with 6 Goolwa cafes that showcase locally sourced, quality regional produce. They created a website to promote the cafes, tying in with the theme of Cittaslow and inspired by the slow food, slow city movement.

In partnership with the VHHS Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program and Goolwa Lion’s Club, the students collected old and neglected bicycles from the community, repairing and re-purposing these for community use. The bikes were painted in the Cittaslow theme colour orange and will be donated to the community to use in unison with the website to find these local cafes.

The students presented their work at the Cittaslow International General Assembly as part of the ‘Blue Economy Challenge’ which challenges young people to recycle and upcycle a current waste product, repurposing it with a new use.

VHHS Learning Area Leader, Travis Roach, said the Challenge recognises that young people have some of the most creative and innovative ideas and genuinely care about the sustainability of the world and their future within it.

Mr Roach said: “The project has strengthened the school’s links with the community and the students have enhanced their skills in communication, problem solving, critical and creative thinking and perseverance.”
VHHS Year 9 student Abi said: "I’ve gained a better understanding of how to work together in a team, connect to the community and participate more during activities”

Helping students learn

At Victor Harbor High School, we care about all young people’s learning to their best ability, and they learn best when their families are engaged.

There are many things you can do at home to help students do well at school.  For example:

  • Asking your child what they are learning and getting them to express it in their own words - this encourages them to make sense of their world.
  • Work together to practice certain skills in everyday life like reading together or talking about maths at the shops.
  • Showing how learning is important at your place through conversations, outings and activities. 

Click here to download the information about the Australian Curriculum from Reception to Year 10.

Students Awarded Bronze Medallions

Students from Victor Harbor High School successfully passed their SLSA Bronze Medallions and Surf Rescue Certificates exams in the last week of Term 1.

The partnership program between Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club and the High School aims to develop student’s community links and vocational qualifications. Students from the outdoor recreation pathway completed 10 weeks of training in the areas of aquatic safety and rescue, first aid and beach patrols before sitting their examination.  The school would like to thank volunteer members from the club including Peter Mason and Regan Moon for their support in the training of the students and ensuring the program’s success. Pathway teacher Adam Foot was extremely proud of his students and the outcomes of the program.  

Adam Foot
Teacher: Outdoor Education

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Please report absences by phone before 10am daily to Student Services on 8551 1912.

Change of details

Remember, if you move or change any contact phone numbers or emergency details, please let Student Services know as soon as possible.

Materials & Services

Reminder: Material & Service Fee for 2017 are due by the 14th April 2017. If you have any queries regarding your fees or school card forms please call Kathy Mathews on 85511907.

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Host families wanted

The opportunity to welcome a young person from another country into your home is a rewarding experience for all family members. We would love to hear from more of our families who would like to welcome a new student into their home and way of life.

Please contact us to learn more about hosting an International Student.