Newsletter Term 1 2017 - Issue 4


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Victor Harbor High School's history dates back to 1910 and today, many third and fourth generation families attend our school. It's a long and proud history that deserves celebrating. 

Our school's Heritage Building is now home to a dedicated Old Scholars room, which is currently in design as a place where the history of the school will be proudly displayed and honoured. A visual history timeline is planned for the Old Scholars Room and future possibilities include an interactive touch screen display of the school's history and a tiled history wall project on the school grounds.

The Old Scholars room features photos dating back to its early beginnings right through to modern times, a collection of yearbooks spanning back to the early 1970s, and significant memorabilia including the original headmasters clock, the silver key bearing an embossed sketch of the school with which the Heritage building was officially opened in 1937, student reports from the 1940s and more.

Do you have unique memorabilia or possess a piece of history you think Victor Harbor High School would be interested in? The school invites participation from the community and are seeking photos and other memorabilia to add our growing collection. Former students and staff are encouraged to connect with the school and register their details on the Old Scholar network to stay up to date with Old Scholars news and events. 

Leeanne Storr
Communications Manager

Year 12s Canoe the Glenelg River

Year 12 Outdoor Education students and their teachers Mr Foot and Mr Puckridge travelled to Victoria’s Glenelg River National Park recently to complete the first of their four-day human powered journeys. Students were removed from their comfort zones during an adventure caving tour in Naracoorte along the way. They all enjoyed the experience of the dark, damp and squeezy challenges the Bat Cave had to offer. 

During the trip students were assessed on their skills in canoeing, low impact camp craft, organisation and leadership skills, and environmental awareness.  All students and staff involved had a great time and enjoyed the wildlife (including koalas, birdlife, snakes and food snatching possums), night-time chats around the fire and the pleasure of each other’s company. Thanks to Matt, Janet, Heather and Harry from Victor Harbor Aquatics for their support with the trip.

Paddle On!

Adam Foot & Ken Puckridge
Outdoor Education


All students in Year 9 sit The National Literacy and Numeracy testing known as Naplan. You should have by now received all the information relating to this year's testing including withdrawal / exemption information and materials to support student readiness.  In 2017 the following sessions will again take place;

Tuesday May 9                       Language Conventions (45 min) / Writing (40min)
Wednesday May 10                Reading (65min)
Thursday May 11                      Numeracy (60min)

Student testing in exam like situations is a great opportunity for students to prepare themselves for senior schooling and challenge themselves to achieve their own personal best. Please support your young person by having conversations about this test as an opportunity for them rather than seeing this as another mandatory test.

If you require any further information about the Naplan testing please contact Travis Roach or click here to access the family support website.

Travis Roach
English Learning Area Leader

How Can Families Support Students in Mathematics?

Families want to know how they can best help support their children in mathematics where they often can’t remember what they did all those years ago or didn’t find mathematics their favourite subject at school. Parents aren’t expected to know everything and with the age of technology, they need to use the term GOOGLE IT. This is what I do myself if I come across a challenge or something that I don’t know.

There are thousands of other teachers making tutorial videos in wide variety of subject all over the world and if you look at YouTube there are hundreds of videos that will teach you just about anything you want to know. All students at Victor Harbor High School have access to MATHS ONLINE which is an excellent resource for students to use that has video lessons, worksheets and revision sheets that cover all year levels from R-12.

The mindset that students approach any learning task with has a huge impact on their success. We want all students to become POWERFUL LEARNERS and show perseverance and develop strategies to self-help themselves or proactively seek support. The importance of students working effectively in class, doing regular homework to develop their independent problem solving skills and reinforce processes is essential. It is important to know that struggling and failure is a vital part of the learning process and without going through these stages then true mastery of their learning can’t occur.

The role of families to help monitor and encourage students to complete homework is an effective way that they can support the learning process. The partnership between teachers, families and leaders is an important collaboration. The key focus on learning mathematics is around students being able to problem solve and apply their understanding rather than just following routine algebraic processes.

Why do Students Need a Device?

This year all teachers have been training themselves how to use a range of Office 365 programs. Later this year we will be expecting all staff and students to be using OneNote classroom with their students. This will enhance the learning process and help students and teachers to collaborate more effectively.

All families and students have access to up to 5 free copies of Office 365 business software using their LearnLink email address. This will allow them to install this software on a range of devices, so they are truly connected.

For instructions on installing Office 365 on a Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac computer, click here.

For instructions on installing Office 365 on a mobile device running Android or iOS, click here. 

It is important that students bring their devices to school as this will allow the teachers to use the OneNote software in particular to help support student learning. We have a small number of laptops that students are able to borrow from the Research Centre if they do not own a device, but they have been put aside for only disadvantaged students.

Below are some YouTube videos that will demonstrate the need for students to have a device and why OneNote is such a ground breaking program:

Dave Bennett
Assistant Principal

Student Safety – Pick Up & Drop Off

Parents and students are reminded to maintain a high level of vigilance when entering and exiting car parking areas around our school.

We would ask that all student and parents pay particular attention to the movement of cars and carefully monitor those travelling on foot. Special consideration should be given to vehicle speed and the use of technology such as mobile phones or personal music devices. Increasing awareness and exercising patience during peak times will enable us all to get to school and back home again safely.

Thank you for continuing to look out for one and other.

Adrienne Conley
Deputy Principal

Team Sailing Regional Regatta 2017

In Week 8 the Victor Harbor High School sailing team competed in a 2-day regional regatta on the beautiful Lake Albert at Meningie. Meningie Area School provided the accommodation for us to camp in their classrooms for two nights.

We formed two composite teams with Encounter Lutheran (our training partners) and the two teams placed 3rd and 4th overall. There were teams from VHHS, Encounter, Investigator, KICE (Kangaroo Island) and of course Meningie! We always have fun at Meningie and once again we all enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and getting reacquainted with each other.

During the April school holidays, the team will compete in the Secondary Schools Team Sailing State Championships being held at the Port River Sailing Club at Largs North from Thursday 27th April until Saturday 29th April.

Emma Brown
Team Sailing Co-ordinator

Raising a complaint with DECD

We recognise that sometimes things go wrong and you may feel that your expectations are not being met. If you have an unresolved issue or a complaint, please raise it. It is important to work together, talk, listen and find solutions so we can improve our services to the community.

Click here for more information on the steps you can take.


Please report absences by phone before 10am daily to Student Services on 8551 1912.

Change of details

Remember, if you move or change any contact phone numbers or emergency details, please let Student Services know as soon as possible.

Materials & Services

Reminder: Material & Service Fee for 2017 are due by the 14th April 2017. If you have any queries regarding your fees or school card forms please call Kathy Mathews on 85511907.

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Host families wanted

The opportunity to welcome a young person from another country into your home is a rewarding experience for all family members. We would love to hear from more of our families who would like to welcome a new student into their home and way of life.

Please contact us to learn more about hosting an International Student.