Newsletter Term 1 2017 - Issue 2


Principal's Message

School Directions 2017

During 2017 we will continue to prioritise HIGH EXPECTATIONS and IMPROVED PERFORMANCE through TARGETED TEACHING and LEARNING.

The improvements will be focussed on the following areas each led by a member of the Leadership Executive team:

  1. Intervention & Support with a focus on Learning & Well Being (Ms Lindsey Cowper)
  2. Information Technology with a focus on Learning (Mr David Bennett)
  3. Assessment with a focus on Learning (Ms Adrienne Conley)
  4. Performance Management with a focus on Learning (Ms Amanda O’Shea)

This year each Learning Area and Sub School team will negotiate strategies to address this improvement agenda. If you are interested in knowing what the strategies are please contact the following leaders:

  1. Mr Chris Hayward (Middle Sub School and Languages & International Education)
  2. Mr Paul Loughhead (Middle Sub School and Health & Physical Education)
  3. Ms Jody Peterson (Stage 1 Sub School & Innovation)
  4. Mr Ian Milne (Stage 1 Sub School)
  5. Mr Phil Boyle (Stage 2 Sub School and Design & Technology)
  6. Mr Travis Roach (English, HASS & Literacy)
  7. Mr Ashley Foote (Science, Mathematics & Numeracy)
  8. Mr Peter Norde, Ms Cathy Venning (Whole School Mentoring program)
  9. Mr Mark Nethercott (Aboriginal Education)
  10. Mr Simon Harris (Retention & Engagement, SACE/VET)
  11. Ms Maggie Savage (The Arts)

Annual General Meeting

On behalf of the Victor Harbor Governing Council I am extending a warm invitation to join us on Wednesday 15th March for the school’s AGM. At this meeting, you will hear about the school’s performance and where we are heading over the next few years. There will be an opportunity for you to either nominate or support another person’s nomination for the 2017 Governing Council. Meetings are twice a term on a Wednesday evening 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

We are particularly keen to have parent representation across the diversity of our school including Goolwa, Middleton, Pt Elliot, the Aboriginal community, the Special Education Unit and different year levels. Please consider this opportunity to represent all students at these meetings. This year we will be rotating the meetings between Victor Harbor and Goolwa.

Further information is available later in this Newsletter or contact Vicki Foster by email or 8551 1900.

Acquaintance Evening

I would like to thank the families who took the time and effort to meet with the staff at Acquaintance Evening on Monday 13th February. The program this year gave families a greater opportunity to connect with the Sub School leaders and the Mentor teachers. The feedback I received from several families indicated that this was a successful approach.

I would also like to thank the Rotary Club (Victor Harbor & Pt Elliot), the Fudge Fairy and the Victor Harbor High School Canteen for providing us with food and beverages during the evening.

Ms Amanda O'Shea

Subject Merit Awards

Congratulations to two students from Victor Harbor High School were among 14 students from schools across the Fleurieu region to receive their 2016 SACE merit awards.

Kira excelled in Visual Arts - Art and plans to undertake a Bachelor of Business (Advanced Leadership).  Chelsea excelled in Mathematical Applications with plans to undertake a Bachelor of Paramedic Science in 2018.

Kira with Visual art teacher ms Maggie savage

Kira with Visual art teacher ms Maggie savage

Chelsea with Maths teacher Ms Carol Mitchell

Chelsea with Maths teacher Ms Carol Mitchell

Group websize.jpg


This term we welcome seven new students who have joined our school through the South Australian Government Schools Regional Study Abroad Program.

Welcome to Vicky from Austria; Pia, Julia, Henrika, Manuela, Manon and Marei from Germany, who join continuing students Birte and Helene also from Germany.

The students have been looking forward to making new friends, experiencing the Australian way of life and learning more about our ocean through the subject Marine Studies.

We're looking for more local families to host an international student. If you have a spare room, can offer a friendly, supportive home environment and are interested in hosting a student, please follow this link for more information on our International Student Program.

Victor Harbor High School is excited to announce that this year we will be presenting HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!

Students, if you are interested in being a part of this exciting production please come along to a lunch time information session on Tuesday 21 Feb, in the Drama room.

 See Mrs Johnson or Miss Venning if you have any queries.

BYOD for 2017

We urgently need all students to return their permission booklets and INSTALL Office 365

In 2017 VHHS has changed its BYOD strategy to provide wireless access to the internet.  We are now expecting all students to download a free copy of Office 365. Instructions can be found on the front page of our website and students can access support from the ICT office if needed.

We have improved the wired network in the school and have backboned key sections with 10 gigabit capacity and are waiting for the hardware to be upgraded. By the start of Term 2 we should see a real improvement in the whole network which should support the use of the Office 365 software, in particular OneNote.

OneNote is a program that our staff have been learning how to use throughout this term in anticipation of using this with students in Term 2 onwards. There are presently some staff piloting its use with classes. OneNote is a game changer in supporting students to develop 21st Century Learning skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.  

When the use of OneNote is rolled out throughout the whole school it will mean that Daymap will become the administration program to record attendance, summative task & results, communication through messaging/bulletins/calendar, record detentions and time outs and complete 5-week progress checks and reports.

OneNote will be used to provide class resources, learning intentions, learning tasks for individual lessons, opportunities for students to collaborate on tasks, staff feedback to students and a workspace for students to complete tasks and submit them. Please view the following YouTube videos to see how this will work.

This year is a real transition year for our staff in using this new technology so we will have some staff transitioning at a different pace from Daymap to OneNote. As stated earlier, Daymap will still be used to put up summative assessment tasks with due dates and results so parents can support students with their time management.

David Bennett
Assistant Principal: ICT

Self reflection - 2016 at FLO

I was just a high school dropout; that was before I joined FLO.  I dropped out of high school before I could finish Year 12 due to mental health issues. The staff at FLO connected with me and offered to support me to achieve my goals, so I thought,  ’why not give it a shot?’ so I signed up.

FLO helped me discover what I wanted to do with my life through their career development program. They helped me figure out how to accomplish my dreams and goals and supported me through all that I chose to do whether I succeeded or failed. I started off wanting to do creative writing or journalism that then changed to wanting to own my own business till finally with the help of my case worker, Tory, I decided to do a Dual Diploma in Business, Travel and Tourism. FLO allowed me to explore options and to change my mind when I needed to, they never pressured me to do anything I didn’t truly want to do or judge my decisions.

During my year at FLO, I was working full time as well as studying full time and that was hard to balance. At times, I wanted to give up but Tory supported me to get through those times of self doubt. She worked with me to set and achieve my goals. She helped me to build back my motivation so I was able to persevere. I was in the last leg of my course when I got a little stuck, a diploma is hard let alone two diplomas at once.  Jen then found me a tutor to work with and with the help of my tutor, Brian, I was able to meet my final deadline and complete my study. I believe that without the help of FLO and Brian I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have, I most likely wouldn’t have even given this dual diploma a thought and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to juggle full-time work with full-time study. I would like to thank FLO for introducing me to Brian. Brian is a magnificent tutor. He helped me to make sense of my thoughts and then to put these thoughts into action. I enjoyed my time with him as it was a fantastic educational experience. I would also like to thank FLO for helping me be more than just a high school dropout.

With thanks,

Year 8 camp

Our new Year 8 students recently experienced an overnight camp at Chiton Rocks SLSC to assist in transitioning to high school.  They took part in a range of activities, including:

  • Introduction to the ‘Getting to know you’ program
  • Introduction to the ‘Positive Psychology’ program
  • Introduction to Digital Citizenship
  • Aquatic activities
  • A range of higher order ‘Problem Solving’ activities

It was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff and has set a fantastic foundation for 2017.

Paul Loughhead
Sub School Leader: Middle School

Nominate for Governing Council

VHHS encourages participation by families in the school’s decision making processes. Our Governing Council is an example of the strong partnership between parents and the school working together to improve the learning outcomes of students.

Governing Council members are involved in deliberating upon issues such as school finances and expenditure, grounds and facilities, uniform and the canteen. Meetings are twice a term on a Wednesday evening 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Parents wishing to nominate as a council member are encouraged to complete the nomination form and return it to Kate Burdett at school reception or email

Click here for the Governing Council nomination form

Online Calendar in Daymap

When parents check their Daymap you will be able to see the year level information relevant to your student/s in the school calendar. This should include information about whole school events (student free day, sports day, school photos, etc) and then events that your student/s are directly involved in (camps, excursions, etc). This will hopefully ensure the information that you receive is accurate and relevant to what you need to know is happening around the school. If you have any questions, then please contact myself at school for clarification.

If any parent wants training on how to use Daymap, please contact our front office and leave your name and a suitable time for training to occur.

David Bennett
Assistant Principal: ICT

New parent easy guides released

Parent easy guides bring simple, easy-to-read information on raising children from birth to teenage years. Developed by Parenting SA, they are evidence-based and provide many ideas parents can use in their own situation.

Two new topics look at what parenting styles mean for children and coping when you are a new parent.  

Click on the links to find the new guides ‘What is your parenting style?’, ‘New parents’, and updated guides ‘Being a parent’, ‘Being a mum’, ‘Being a dad’.


Please report absences by phone before 10am daily to Student Services on 8551 1912.

Change of details

Remember, if you move or change any contact phone numbers or emergency details, please let Student Services know as soon as possible.

Materials & Services

Reminder: Material & Service Fee for 2017 are due by the 14th April 2017. If you have any queries regarding your fees or school card forms please call Kathy Mathews on 85511907.

Keep us up-to-date

Please email us to share your news and successes or Old Scholar details and memorabilia. We’d love to hear from you.

Host families wanted

The opportunity to welcome a young person from another country into your home is a rewarding experience for all family members. We would love to hear from more of our families who would like to welcome a new student into their home and way of life.

Please contact us to learn more about hosting an International Student.