Code Of Behaviour

Respect yourself, others and all property

  •     Speak courteously & practise good manners
  •     Hats off, mobile phones and portable music devices off and in bags/pockets
  •     No put downs, silly noises, unnecessary comments
  •     No calling out - speak in a quiet tone when allowed to talk in groups
  •     Hands up, one person speaks at a time
  •     No graffiti or damage to furniture or property

Focus on learning

  •     Arrive on time and be ready for the lesson
  •     Bring all equipment and get it out quickly and quietly
  •     Start work quickly and aim to complete the set amount of work each lesson
  •     Do set homework

Follow teacher’s instructions without arguing

  •     Create a positive, safe learning environment
  •     Discuss issues privately with the teacher if necessary

Work safely

  •     Wear appropriate clothing
  •     Wear any necessary safety gear
  •     Stay in allocated seat or work space – (ie don’t wander around the room)
  •     Follow class safety rules and report any accidents immediately

Consequences generally applied for not following Code of Behaviour

  •     Step 1: Reminder - about what you should be doing
  •     Step 2: Warning - what will happen if inappropriate behaviour continues
  •     Step 3: Brief Sit Out, for continued inappropriate behaviour
  •     Step 4: Time Out in a senior class (buddy class)
  •     Step 5: Three (3) Time Outs, in a term will result in an automatic 2-day suspension
  •     Step 6: Re-entry meeting with parent/caregiver where a Student Development Plan will be constructed outlining what is expected of the student upon their return to school

Please note: Students who do not follow the time out procedure and do not go directly to time out when directed to do so by a teacher will be automatically suspended for 2 days.

Download our School's Concern Procedure (PDF)