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30 Educational Update Evening - SENIOR SCHOOL SHOWCASE– 2015 Subject counselling

Year 9, 10 & 11 Families & Students are warmly invited to the SENIOR SCHOOLSHOWCASE  Wednesday July 30th 2014 starting at 6.00pm sharp

This is STEP 1 in the subject counselling process …. we believe informed families have children who achieve their future aspirations

The SENIOR SCHOOL SHOWCASE is an event sponsored by the VHHS Governing Council and it aims to

  1. Provide accurate information to families so that informed choices can be made for 2015 study
  2. Showcase the breadth of subjects available in 2015 at years 10, 11 and 12
  3. Introduce families to the school’s counselling processes 

Families (students are expected to accompany their family) will have the opportunity to hear how the SACE certificate works, what is involved in the counselling process  years 9-10 and Stage 1 to Stage 2, choose to attend 3 Learning Area Briefings, view Intervention and Support static displays about; literacy & numeracy, Disability Unit, DOC on Campus and Aboriginal Education.


Future Ready


Visual & Performing Arts


8   School Surfing
19 Whole School Assembly


1   SACE Music Evening Concert
1   Lombok Sister School Visit (1-12 September)
8   Show Day
9   Student Free Day
19 Lunch Rock Band Concert